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Formed in 2016, Copenhagen-based EGA Legionnaire travel from garage pop to experimental punk, via stupid antics, angry political satire, and an occasional bared soul.They write songs about the folly of hygge, the design flaws of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the challenges of parenthood, the heartbreaks of yesteryear, and the joys of erotic wordplays delivered by lewd robots.The drum set is made of suitcases and bicycle spare parts.The bass guitar is a fuzzy buzzing overloaded piece of vintage. Two women take turns singing, shouting, and rapping, sometimes while banging out chords with a tin can on a battered distorted guitar. A synth ties around it all together in a pop-sensitive bow. The five are known to deploy improvised audience-engagement devices like popcorn machines, toys, tin cans, and paper airplanes.